Davis TruTrac™ Bar...

Engineered for Class "A" Motorhomes

Ford F-53 (both 460's and V-10's),

John Deere, Oshkosh and Safari Magnum Chassis

Workhorse W-22 Tru–Trac

MOR/ryde's New RL System

now with a Davis TruTrac™ Bar available for Ford's F-53 460 or Triton V-10 chassis

Do you need better handling from your Motorhome?

Tired and fatigued trying to keep your Motorhome in line going down the road?

Is wandering, rut tracking, and lazy steering a problem?

The Davis TruTrac™ Bar

is designed to eliminate wander, reduce rut tracking, and result in crisper, more positive control of the motorhome. The Davis TruTrac™ Bar is designed to control the excessive axle side play without preventing normal up and down suspension travel or movement. The Davis TruTrac™ Bar comes complete with all necessary parts for installation using factory holes - no drilling or welding required - and will not interfere with any factory original equipment or affect any factory warranty. The Davis TruTrac™ Bar is cadmium plated and uses hardened polyurethane bushings for long lasting life and better stability. The Davis TruTrac™ Bar improves both vehicle safety and performance and increases driver comfort and satisfaction and comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Don't settle for knock-offs - get the Original.

Click here for Installation Instructions

Price $ 399.00 (price subject to change without notice)

Please call 800-488-3697

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