46381 Get Kit

46381 Get Kit

These modestly priced Banks Git-Kits are easy-on-the-wallet upgrades that add an assertive punch with a feisty turbo response, and yet they maintain safe EGTs. Testing has shown increased horsepower, torque, and boost, along with better results for towing acceleration, hill climbing, and fuel economy. The overall performance of your diesel truck with one of these Git-Kits installed will be impressive. So, whether you're using your truck for short hauls to job sites or long hauls for weekend getaways, Banks Git-Kits will help you git 'er done. Depending on the application, these kits may include the Ottomind fuel calibration tuner, the Bighead wastegate actuator, the Monster exhaust kit, or the Monster turbine outlet pipe.

PICKUP: Banks Git-Kit is a kind-to-your-budget rocket-booster that unleashes top gains of +40 hp and +72 lb-ft torque, raises turbo boost and maintains safe EGTs.

OttoMind engine-calibration module (Git-Kit calibration); Stainless, heat-shielded Monster turbine outlet pipe